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2019   Code Red

2019   The Unexplained with William Shatner

2017   Edith Head – Paramount Pictures

2017   Trust Me I’m A Doctor - BBC

2016   Mighty Trains – Discovery

2016   Kendra On Top Down Under

2016   Space’s Deepest Secrets

2015   Cosmic Dawn – BBC

2015   Symphony Of The Wild

2014   Nature’s Miracle Orphans – BBC

2014   Crackup

2013   Repairing Australia

2013   Coast (Australia) – BBC

2011   Mighty Ships 6 –Discovery

2011   Death of the Oceans- BBC

2009   Once Bitten- SBS

2008   The First Mariners- ITV

2008   The Best of Australia

2007   Dame Edna in Melb- BBC

2007   Space Pirates-BBC

2007   Situation Critical-BBC

2006   Global Warming-BBC

2006   Lonely Planet - Six Degrees

2006   Run For Glory-BBC

2005   True Stories

2005   Connemara Ponies

2005   Countryfile Special-BBC

2004   Charles’ Angels

2004   Sacred Stars

2004   Architecture & Design of Man & Woman

2003   Wild On One-BBC Nat Hist

2003   Lonely Planet - Six Degrees

2002   Fading Heroes

2001   Pipe Dreams

2000   Bugs - Oxford Scientific/BBC

2000   Eye of the Storm                                       

2000   Grey Voyagers

1999   Last Mail From Birdsville

1999   On Location

1998   The French Line

1998   Constanza’s Children

1997   Hard Medicine

1996   Apron Strings & Atom Bombs

1996   Racism in Media

1996   Big Hair Woman "Effie"

1995   Big Trip-BBC

1995   We’re All Independent Now

1995   Salvation Army In Australia

1993   Tycoons-BBC

1992   Madonna

1992   Rossini Meets Dali

1991   All In A Days Work

1990   I Believe

Investigates the most significant and dramatic disasters in living memory

Explores the world’s most fascinating and inexplicable mysteries

Costume Designer wins 8 Academy Awards 1949-73

Examines new technology for 3D printing implants for surgery

The Ghan – an adventure through Outback Australia

Playboy Girl Kendra Wilkinson does Australia

Quest for the First Star

The scientific version of Genesis – the moment of first light

Propels us into the very private world of some of our most endearing critters

BBCOrphan animals and the people devoted to saving them (Australia)

Follows people with mental illness as they become stand-up comics

The Australian Landscape, what it was and what it is now

Explores the history and activities of the world’s coastlines

Huge ships traverse the world's waters facing treacherous conditions

Sir David Attenborough/Horizon(including Timelapse & U/water)

Divorcees and their second time romances

How the first Australians traveled South (Mungo NP)

Australian Geographic Special,  ‘The Great Ocean Road’

The Story of Barry Humphries

Indigenous music for children  (Papua New Guinea,Outback Aust)

Disaster dramatical re-enactments

The truth about global warming, presented by Sir David Attenborough

Explores the worlds capital cities (Kaohsiung Taiwan)

A group of novice runners train for the London Marathon

Primetime Documentary Series about extraordinary Australians

The native ponies of Ireland, an endangered species(Ireland)

Origins of Hereford cattle in Australia from the UK(Tas, Qld, Sth Aust.)

Three women learn to be Private Detectives

Indigenous Dreamtime Docudrama Presentation for Melb Planetarium

Anatomical Series-Discovery Channel (underwater/CGI)

Baby Bearded Dragons nest sequences

Explores the worlds capital cities (India,Argentina,Singapore,Malaysia)

War veterans recall their experiences

Female Scottish Pipe Band enters the World Championships

A macro dramatic look at locusts’ impact on Mankind (Broken Hill)

Australian bush fires threaten wildlife.

Two 65 Y.O. men embark on a sailing adventure      (Central America)

The legend, the man, Tom Kruse Outback Mailman(Outback Australia)

Examines behind the scenes of glamour calendar-girl industry(Dunk Is)

Simpson Desert defies road making attempts (Outback Australia)

20,000 children live with HIV (Romania)

Examines the grieving that occurs after losing loved ones

The women’s movement in the 60’s & 70’s

Media bias in reporting

Humorous cultural exchange (Papua New Guinea)

Adventurous female backpackers in Asia (Thailand, Malaysia, Borneo)

Divorce, Children, and the Family Law Court

History of the Salvation Army

Lives of the rich but not so famous (Holland)

Profile of a Pop -star

A clash of the arts

Living with unemployment.(Central Australia indigenous commun.)

Diverse religious culture in western society

Documentary- a selection





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